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Laurie Cartoon is a french artist. She was born in 1964, and she has realized a lot of different artistic creations. She began her career in the fashion world because she was graduated from the french university « Duperre » in 1983 and from the school » La chambre syndicale de la haute couture parisienne » in 1985. In the 90’s, she decided to work as a painter. She has done a first exhibition in the french city Amiens, situated in the North of France. That exhibition was located at the art gallery « Atelier 7 », and the main theme was the colors’ variation. She won the first price of a painting competition called « Prix Corbie »   in April 1992, thanks to her creation » Rêverie ».

  At the beginning of the XXI century, she decided to work as a painter in decoration.  At that time, she didn’t create painting anymore, and she only focused on interior decoration. She realized some pans, some trompe l’oeil…. She worked for private clients especially Hotels (for example the Novotel in Val Thorens, France) or castles (for instance, the castle of Jeure, France). In 2008, she moved out to Düsseldorf, a German city known for the contemporain art’s institutions. She stopped working in the interior decoration and worked again as a painter. She created a new collection with a lot of flowers because she was really inspired by the nature present in the city. At the end of the 2010s, Laurie Cartoon widens her register when she returns to Paris and creates a new collection of works that are like the poster, but also to street art and / or textiles. With subtle compositions mixing visual repetitions as in fabrics or wallpapers. It continues its pictorial way by never ceasing to reinvent itself also with luminous or transparent tables. But with the same constant concern to find a balance between gay colors and shapes, to achieve a rhythmic cohesion on the canvas.



Item about Cartoon Laurie of I.Berthelot de l’Eclaireur 2020

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