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October 1 and 2, 2022 Ury 77760 France


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Point de vue /point of view
Point de vue, photo et peinture numérique 2020 ©all rights reserved.
Tarifs à la demande selon la dimension.
Expo metro Los Angeles 2022
Los Angeles, 2022 expo collective avec oeuvre point de vue. los-angeles-2022.jpeg (10046×3722) ( 
Expo metro Los Angeles
Expo metro Los Angeles 


#expometroNYC #NFT #NFTCommunity.

Cache-cache / Hide and Seek’s digital photo can be found on the collective NYC Expo Metro poster from December 13-18, 2021. Crossroads of Greenwich and Clarkson Street.
#expometroNYC #NFT #NFTCommunity.   New York – Expo Metro



Zoologischer Garten (Line U9) et Mehringdamm (Line U6 and U7)

Expo metro Berlin oct 2020


Expometro Paris Opéra – La Fayette

The poster can be bought here:

Expo metro Opera 2020

My purpose is to exalt atypical beauty and aesthetic characteristics to bring to artistic painting the peculiarities of my models. From the beauty of these faces with colored skin and subtle colored materials whose appearance takes us beyond borders and in a roundabout way towards the beauty of minorities and their identity. It is in this quest that I find my inspiration and am greatly influenced by the contribution of these mixtures of cultures which make the richness and plurality of our contemporary world.


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